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Decentralized ERC20 Smart Contract token with staking functionality, truly one of its kind.

Token details:

Initial Supply: 82,000 KEK
5,000,000 Tageted kek minted each years
Average 13,700 KEK minted each day via staking
Minimum Stake Period: 1 Day
Maximum Stake period: 10 Day

Tokenomics & liquidity:

32,000 KEK distributed on Uniswap Exchange
50,000 KEK locked in smart for 33 days uptill 9 september 2020
txid: 0x01d9bd22b2568823f771caf80d25ff7d99d94a61a2950e602fa472ad0968e15a
4 ETH liquidity locked and burnt txid: 0x35844961d3423328f344df6c912f4a38d0f7d7c7b782562803b3b12e41b73787

Contract Address:



Early mover advantage: Only a specified number of KEK will be produced each year, early adopters get bigger stakes as starting supply is low. Stakes get smaller with time in proportion to total supply.
Your staked are directly proportional to number of KEK being staked, The more you stake the bigger the stakes would be
Tokens can be locked and unlocked at any time.


Staking Dashboard

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